Mason Plumlee 18 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (12/12/2014)

Brook Lopez is a total offensive stud, but he isn’t what the Nets need right now. They need to trade him for a ragtag assortment of four or so players, then start Plumlee. The Masonic Temple has given us several reasons why he is better than the fragile Broke Lopez:

-Regularly catches lobs
-Durable; Lopez has ankles made out of potato chips
-Of a fair complexion, although Lopez is too, so I don’t know
-Plays within the offense and lets the main threats (D-Will and JJ) do their jobs without interfering
-Looks like a sweaty ripe tomato after just a few minutes of game action
-Doesn’t even try to shoot jumpers, the way the center the position was meant to be played
-Catches lobs on the reg

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