Robert Covington 20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (12/12/2014)

For all the aimless signings and call-ups that the 76ers are doing, they actually found a useful guy in Robert Covington. That’s exactly why, when you suck, you need to be ready to let go of players in order to give somebody else a chance to prove themselves. If fifty different players suit up for the Sixers this year, that’s too few. They need to get Joe Alexander. They need to get Aquille Carr. I bet Tracy McGrady would love to play in the NBA again. What about Josh Selby? Does anybody know Jon Brockman’s number? Get them in there too. What if one of these guys turned out to be a long-term piece? What if some other team gets them and they turn out to be absolute studmonsters?

That’s what 29 other teams are thinking about Robert Covington right now. He was a total beast just sitting there in the D-League waiting to be picked up. And they whiffed because they don’t know how to use the developmental league made available to them.

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