Donatas Motiejunas 18 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (12/17/2014)

I apologize with utmost sincerity to my Lithuanian friends. I did not make Motiejunas highlights first thing; instead, I shamefully produced videos for other, non-Lithuanian players. I am very sorry. I have brought shame upon my channel, myself, and my family.

It’s probably too late, but now you can watch D-Mo scoring 18 points. A small consolation after being robbed of the ability to watch the highlights immediately after the game, but it’s the best I can do now. Please accept my atonement, and know that even if you unsubscribe or leave impatient messages, DTB still loves all Lithuanians.

Aš stengiuosi ne kada nors vėl įžeisti Lietuvą.

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