Cole Aldrich 13 Points/10 Rebounds Full Highlights (12/18/2014)

Longtime connoisseurs of these descriptions might notice some differences from when I started. Namely, that I don’t call people busts all the time anymore.

I must be getting old and soft. It used to be that no player was spared the wrath of my scepter of bustitude. John Wall? Bust. Markieff Morris? Bust. Tristan Thompson, you a busta. Evan Turner? I was actually right about that one.

Cole Aldrich? I don’t know. His utter lack of minutes at any point in his career is certainly damning. He has kind of produced in those minutes at a reasonable, non-bust level, but with such a small sample size it could be a fluke.

Let’s go with a tentative bust on this one. A big, goofy, gap-toothed bust.

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