Nikola Mirotic 13 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2014)

With Jabari Parker out for the season, the race for Rookie of the Year has just been busted wide open. None of the rookies so far are impressing with raw stats, so the winner will have to possess intangibles to make him appealing to the voters.

Nikola Mirotic has a bunch of ’em, presented here in list format for easy consumption:

– His beard game is well developed for a rookie

– He’s from a country in Europe, therefore he has the bonus intangibles granted to such players

– Derrick Rose probably thinks he’s a chill dude, which means a lot because Derrick was MVP once

– Are advanced stats tangible or intangible? Doesn’t matter, Eric Moreland’s 42 PER has him beat

– Is a veteran and a rookie at the same time

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