Jason Smith 16 Points Full Highlights (12/21/2014)

When I hear the name “Jason Smith”, I think: car salesman. I also think: insurance salesman. I do not think “basketball player”. However, it turns out that Jason Smith is in fact a basketball player and not either of those other things. That, in itself, is not enough material to make a description, so I have to think of some other things to say about this guy.

Hmm. Well, he’s probably the third-best big on the team behind Stoudemire and a healthy Bargnani. Why doesn’t he start? His jumpshot is wetter than a swimming pool in the rain, he seems to have good defensive instincts, and he’s a good rebounder too. Unlike Dalembert, he is not a fatty, although he does suffer from “Jon Leuer Syndrome”, i.e. he has a perpetually dumb-looking expression on his face.

I can only surmise that his jumper-only offensive game doesn’t jive with the Triangle offense. Too bad! The Bucks will take him off your hands in exchange for three tubes of Sour Cream and Onion Flavor Pringles and a jumbo slice of NY-style pizza.

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