Tyler Zeller 22 Points Full Highlights (12/21/2014)

There was some stat floating around that negatively framed Rajon Rondo’s impact for the Celtics. I’m sure there are a lot of stats that could do that, but this particular one revealed that his bigmen shot around the same percent with him on or off the court. Except for Tyler Zeller, who was made into a green-robed king whenever Rondo was on the floor with him, and became a gruel-consuming pauper without.

You can throw even that exception out the window now, because Zeller is amazing even when the primary distributor is Marcus Smart, as this game has shown.

If you want variety in your highlights, this is not the one to watch. Tyler has been known to hit the midrange shot at times with the Cavaliers. Not this game. All his stuff was around the rim, mostly set up expertly by non-Rajon players, with a few coming off rebounds. Given his propensity for paint points, he surely must have dunked at least a couple of times? No. He only dunked once, and it was pretty weak. I guess if the Heat are just going to let you put up layups the whole game, you might as well do it.

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