Alex Len 17 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (12/23/2014)

One of the problems with the Phoenix Suns this year is their funky center rotation. Miles Plumlee is not the answer. He might have looked the part a little bit last year, but he’s not. Bill Walton is, similarly, not the answer, though since he’s not on the roster or otherwise affiliated with the team I guess that’s okay. What about Alex Len?


He’s their only other true center, so he gets to start now. He’s a high enough draft selection that he has a decent shot at being the Suns’ pivot of the future. He’s showing more and more this year, though his insane fouling rate prevents him from making an impact in all the games he plays. I got excited after he had consecutive 17 and 19 point outings, and I’m sure Phoenix fans did as well. As you probably know, he did not keep it up.

I’m not convinced that his good performances aren’t just a mirage caused by the searing desert heat, just as Plumlee’s were last year. If you care to try and convince me, I’ve set up an e-mail address for that express purpose:

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