John Henson 11 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (12/29/2014)

John Henson has had five blocks in each of his last two games, both times playing around twenty minutes. Now the question is: does Jason Kidd disapprove of people on his team getting triple-doubles? Because Henson would get one fo sho if you played him forty minutes. Rebounds, points, and blocks. But let’s not stop there. What about a five by five? If you gave him enough freedom in the offense and told people to shoot it as soon as he passed it to them, I bet he could get five assists. He’s gotten two this year; five is only three more. Five steals might be hard to come by, but he’s gotten two of those in eighteen minutes. Just tell him to be aggressive on the passing lanes and he could get it done.

Imagine a trip-dub with blocks and a 5×5 in the same game. How sick would that be? John Henson is our hope for such an awesome occurrence.

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