Andrew Wiggins 21 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (12/30/2014)

This will be the year that indicates if the NBA awards voters care about advanced stats at all. I view the Rookie of the Year race as being down to two players: Andrew Wiggins and Nikola Mirotic. Wiggins has the edge in raw stats per game. As he should; he plays on a horrible team which needs anyone who is even half-competent to play. Mirotic, on the other hand, has to scrap for minutes on a contender, and has way better advanced stats.

You might also consider KJ McDaniels as a candidate for ROY. That is funny. You are a funny guy.

The media landscape, as a whole, is a lot more in tune with stuff other than just box-score numbers than it has been in the past. But can you really justify giving the award to a guy who averages just 8 points a game? I don’t care how efficient or whatever he is, that’s just not enough pointage. 13, which Wiggins has, would at least not be the lowest total for a ROY winner.

Or they could just give it to Jabari Parker like they were going to before stuff happened.

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