Gerald Henderson 31 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2015)

Gerald Henderson: least respected playoff starter ever?

No. Not even close. Why did I even ask? I don’t know. He sucked last year in the playoffs, so any disrespect thrown his way was probably earned, but there is no one who cares about Hendo enough to pay him any notice, much less diss him.

Hendo was a good scorer a few years ago, an unnoticed guy who could drop 20 whenever he wanted. Not so this year. His minutes have been erratic, as the Hornets desparately look for a lineup, any lineup, that can play above-average basketball. Such a unit does not exist for them, so we’re back to the Henderson/Walker backcourt, one of the chuckiest in the league.

It worked for them this game, as their hot shooting took down the flaccid Raptors. Just a few more buckets and Gerald would have had a career-high, but as it stands, no one will really notice his performance. You guys are really missing out on some sweet pull-up midrange jumpers here!

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