Kevin Seraphin 13 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (1/11/2015)

Kevin Seraphin has reached heights of shooting efficiency unseen since his sophomore campaign. However, he has gotten worse at fouling and worse at blocking shots, so even if he has good basket-protecting ability, he’s not going to get that many minutes. This is bad news for him because he needs those minutes to up the value of his next contract. Nobody’s going to throw buckets of money at a guy averaging 6 and 3, but those same buckets would get thrown with delight at somebody who were to average, say, 13 and 7.

It might even turn out that he will be able to get more money overseas. I really hope that doesn’t happen because I need him to draw French viewers to my channel. I really suffered when Nando de Colo went back to Europe; I don’t think I’ve gained a single subscriber since he defected. If Kevin Seraphin were to depart, I think I would just throw in the towel.

Peuple de France, vous ne pouvez pas me quitter. Je offre escargot et des croissants! Se il vous plaît!

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