Langston Galloway 21 Points Full Highlights (1/19/2015)

It’s easy to forget that Langston Galloway is still just a rookie. He has a certain poise to his game that belies his inexperience. He sometimes gets hyped up after a big play, but most of the time he has the same grizzled vet expression on his face, an expression that says “I’ve done this a million times, why should I be especially excited now?” And when was the last time you heard of anyone named Langston?

It also helps that he looks, like, at least 40 or 50 years old. Those wrinkles tell stories, man. Those eyes look to have seen the birth of multiple kids with multiple ladies.

This 21 point performance may not be super impressive for the veteran that he resembles, but for the rookie that he actually is, it’s pretty damn good. So good that it put the Knicks over the top in their first win in forever, so good that the stench of losing is briefly washed from Phil Jackson’s mismanaged organization.

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