Nick Young 24 Points Full Highlights (1/19/2015)

Somehow I, a noted ignorer of celebrity gossip, have become aware that Nick Young AKA Swaggy P was dating Iggy Azalea. The first thing I did is look up pictures of her on Google Image Search. Usually when I do that for celebrities, it’s because I want to find nude scenes, but not this time. I don’t even know if Iggy Azalea has even appeared in any movies or TV shows where she would appear unclothed. I’m pretty sure she sings songs. She’s a song-singer.

Anyway, it turns out that Azalea is pretty cute. Nick Young is pretty loaded as far as money is concerned, so this is fair. If you’ve got money, you get the hot chicks. Azalea seems to have a blank expression on her face in all of the pictures, like it’s too hard for her to use her brain all the time, but Nick Young’s brain is known to be non-operative, so again, this is fair. I’d say they’re a perfect couple, but maybe they hate each other and are just dating because it’s convenient or advantageous for them.

But this isn’t DTB’s celebrity watch. This is DTB writing about Nick Young. After scoring only six points in a disappointingly swag-free first half, Nick did some deep soulswag-searching in the locker room at halftime and came back with his swag dial turned up to 11. However, this swag was not enough to prevent the Lakers from turning a tied halftime score into an embarrassing blowout.

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