Andrew Wiggins 18 Points Full Highlights (1/21/2015)

Andrew Wiggins has shown the ability to throw down some nice dunks so far this season. He looks effortless getting off the ground, graceful while flying through the air. A worthy entrant in the slam dunk contest, all things considered. There is only one problem.

He doesn’t use enough power! Sometimes you just have to cock it back and throw it through as hard as you can. Take a look at the first dunk shown in this video. A signature spin move followed up by an impressive one-hand slammer wham. A highlight reel play, for sure. But how much greater could it have been if he had crammed it with fury, complete with a little rim-hanging to emphasize the raw power on display? So much greater.

He’s still a rookie, so he’ll figure it out eventually. Jabari Parker has (had, oh my god he’ll never play again) the same issue. They have the tools. The first step, actually dunking it for real, is a step that many of us never even get to take. The second step will come with time. The third step? Maybe JaVale McGee will eventually complete it.

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