Jared Sullinger 26 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2015)

The “Make Jared Sullinger shoot threes until he gets good at it” experiment orchestrated by the Celtics’ coaching staff is paying off: Sully is shooting over 30% from three this year! I don’t know what officially qualifies a player for the “stretch four” designation, but he’s got to be pretty close by now.

I’ve compared Sullinger and Charles Barkley before in the past, but now those comparisons aren’t as relevant. New stuff has come to light. Barkley never shot this well from three except for one year. Sully is turning more and more into Ryan Anderson as we speak. If you take the sweet jumper of Anderson and combine it with the punishing ass of Barkley, you have a damn fine player. Devastating post play on one position with a long bomb on the next? Sign me up.

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