Rodney Stuckey 22 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2015)

Back when my NBA knowledge was sourced entirely from the 2K series of video games, I had a nickname for Rodney Stuckey: “Really Sucky”. My juvenile, underdeveloped frontal lobe thought this was a very funny thing to call him. In the game, the nickname was appropriate as it would be for every other player in the league, as my “My Player” on the Celtics would average 100+ PPG several straight seasons and win over two hundred straight games. I also took to calling LeBron James “LeBitch Shames”. And this was BEFORE he bolted to Miami. That was funny too.

But my 2K exploits are not that interesting or notable. Neither is Rodney Stuckey, but he’s the one who plays in the NBA, so he’s more notable than I. It’s a trip to think that Joe Dumars once considered this guy the future of the Pistons franchise at the PG position, a guy suited to walk the path trod by greats like Chauncey Billups and Isiah Thomas, but GM’s have thought stupider things. Some GM (can’t remember his name) once thought that Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva were worth two simultaneously huge contracts. I am tripping so hard right now thinking about it.

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