Amir Johnson 24 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2015)

Amir Johnson might actually be one of the best players on the Raptors, but nobody ever talks about him.

That changes right now. Because I’m talking about him. Right now.

Kyle Lowry is probably the only player you could definitely say is better. DeRozan is just a chucker who can’t shoot threes. Lou Williams is a chucker off the bench. Valanciunas would be better but Dwayne Casey hates him. Greivis Vasquez is a Mexican chucker. Patrick Patterson, okay, I concede that he’s pretty good on low volume. Greg Stiemsma does not even enter the conversation.

Meanwhile, Amir Johnson shoots 58% from the field while still almost scoring 10 PPG. He doesn’t rebound or block shots as well as he used to, but he is a perfect guy to counteract the Raptors’ shot-happy front court. As an added bonus, he can shoot threes kinda this year a little bit. And even though he’s in his tenth year in the league, he’s in his prime at 27 years old.

Now that I’ve said all that, we can go back to never talking about Amir Johnson ever again.

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