Trevor Booker 17 Points/2 Threes Full Highlights (1/30/2015)

So the Jazz paid Trevor Booker five million smackers per year to be an undersized hustle-type power forward. Meanwhile, Jeff Adrien, who is the exact same player minus the shaky three-point range, is out of the league. The Jazz must have looked at Chuck Hayes, who is getting nearly six million a year just so his buns can get intimately acquainted with the bench, and thought “we need to overpay this energy guy so that we play with energy.”

Did the Jazz outbid themselves or was there a legitimate market out there for a sometimes-starter with a limited, yet effective, scoring game? Did they think that signing a known-quantity role player for two years would somehow elevate their team out of the lottery? Do you even want to sign guys like that when you should be out getting under-the-radar prospects who could develop further, players like Elijah Millsap? Does Elijah Millsap even have potential anymore now that he’s the same age as Booker (27)?

These are hard questions. I don’t know the answers. The only thing I know is, Booker’s rainbow three is SO rainbowy that it disappears off the top of the screen when he shoots it.

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