Dennis Schröder 15 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/31/2015)

Who would have thought that one of the greatest challenges to the Hawk’s perfect January would come in the form of the un-good Philadelphia 76ers? Even the most ardent Philly homers surely had circled this game on their calendar with the annotation “Do not watch: blowout certain”. We can use lots of adjectives to describe the performance by the 76ers: spirited, non-blowout, inspiring, futile, Schröder-crushed.

You can’t say that Dënniß ßchrööder exactly put the Hawks on his muesli-strengthened shoulders, but he did have the clutch three that put them up for good. For all the Hawks that got put on the All-Star team, I haven’t seen much clamoring for Dënniß to join them. Doesn’t being the backup PG on the best team in the league (sorry GSW fans) count for anything? He’s a vital part of their success.

You see what a did there? I used a little something called “hyperbole”, one of the fancy literary devices I learned while earning this damn useless English degree. They told me there were jobs, man. Bunch of frickin’ liars.

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