Chris Kaman 16 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2015)

Chris “Don’t Grab My Balls” Kaman has had bad luck at living up to his nickname. Remember, all those years ago, when Reggie Evans decided to get a big handful of Kaman’s happy-sack? A similar situation came to pass a few days ago where Chris Paul also got a little frisky with Kaman’s “private anatomical area”. In both situations, Kaman responded with surprise, then anger.

Is there something about Kaman’s balls that just makes them more grabbable than most? I can’t figure it out from here, but maybe during game situations, Kaman’s scrote sweat just starts to get really irresistible to certain people. I mean, it’s not like his jewels are well-known to be really soft or anything like that.

Kaman managed to get through this game without anybody making unwanted sexual advances, but I’m going to be monitoring this situation for the rest of the season.

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