Mirza Teletovic 18 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2015)

I’m not a lipreader. Not a professional one, anyway. I do my best, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what Mirza Teletovic is saying around 0:30 of this video. I’ve narrowed it down to a few options:

“Plucking Chick” – I don’t know what chickens have to do with basketball.
“Sucking Clit” – Is he describing the quality of the defense?
“Fudging Shift” – What would that even mean?
“I am a multidimensional space mercenary fighting under the banner of King Hyperiarch” – A strange admission in the middle of a game.
“Chucking It” – This really must be it, since that’s what he had just done at the time of the utterance.

Anyone have any other suggestions? The last one might be it, but I’m not really sure at all.

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