Doug McDermott 13 Points Full Highlights (12/5/2015)

We need to find some way to get Fred Hoiberg to give Doug McDermott more minutes. Micky Buckets has earned the minutes, and the minutes are not being given. This is out of his hands now. He has done everything he can. We must intervene.

Would telling Hoiberg that he doesn’t need to pretend to be Thibodeau work? It might. Someone tweet him. I don’t know how.

Perhaps more drastic measures need to be taken. Remember the historical documentary called “Inception”? I think we could do something akin to that. I’m not really good at, you know, invading people’s personal dream-worlds, so it would have to be someone else. Just go in there, into his dreams, and implant the idea that Dougie McBuckets is an elite shot-maker and also a pretty good defender. Maybe have him show up when Fred is dreaming about playing high-school basketball, and have him score hella points combined with some dunks on Fred’s stunned face? Would we need Doug himself to do the inception in that case? God, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep during the second half of that thing. This sounds really complicated.

Maybe the Twitter idea is more feasible.

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