Devin Booker 14 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/7/2015)

This Eddie Johnson jack-off sesh with Devin Booker is getting a little weird now.

Eddie Johnson being the Suns’ color (add -ed to the previous word for some racism!) guy, of course. He just won’t ever shut up about Devin Booker and how good he is going to be/is right now. I’m surprised he can even vocalize at all considering he has the full length of Devin’s schlong positioned in his mouth. We get it, Eddie, that Devin’s going to be a beast, and that teammates need to find him so he can shoot more, and that he just never misses. Can you talk about something else for a bit? Eddie even admits his love affair with him near the end of this vid.

Granted, Devin is on a bit of a hot streak right now. 15 of 21 on threes on the season is totally insane, and would be getting talked about except that everyone knows it’s just a fluke. A really excellent fluke, all things considered, but still just a fluke nonetheless.

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