Marvin Williams 18 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2015)

It might seem a little weird to you that Marvin Williams AKA “Warvin Milliams” is currently having his best season in half a decade. An old man like him should be withering into the obscure dust of time, not experiencing a career revitalization. Then you remember that he entered the league at age 19 and is actually in his prime right now at age 29. Players in their prime regularly put up season totals that one would not expect. Marvin is one of those players.

If he can keep up his shooting percentages and rebounding numbers for the rest of the season (somewhat unlikely, but you never know), and continues that same level of play for one or two more years after that, we can start talking about him as a “very good roleplayer who is still a bust since he was picked second overall in a stacked draft” rather than “a mediocre player who busted hard and only managed to pull himself together for like two years”. Then he and Andrew Bogut can get together over beers and nachos and happily talk about all the potential they had and how everybody thought they were total busts but they both turned it around in the end.

That almost sounds like a description waiting to happen.

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