Nikola Jokic 19 Points Full Highlights (12/11/2015)

Nikola “Jock Itch” Jokic: is he really a 44% three-point shooter? Well, he is for now, because he’s 4-of-9 on the season, but that’s not the question. Actually, it is the question, but that’s because I worded it badly. The real question: can Jock Itch sustain 40% from behind the arc or is it a fluke caused by small sample size?

What I really need is some of my Serbian bros to come in to the comment section and inform me whether or not Jock Itch should be expected to keep shooting threes so well. I could look it up but I can’t because 1) I’m lazy, and 2) I love it when Balkan peoples and other miscellaneous Eastern Europeans start getting feisty in the comments of my videos. All it takes is one of them to say something slightly negative and then they all explode, usually typing words that I don’t recognize because I don’t speak any of their languages. Usually there are a lot of exclamation points too. If things are too calm I’ll just wade into the Balkan-y morass and stir up the pot myself.

Don’t let me down, bros.

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