J.J. Redick 24 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2015)

I don’t pay much attention to player tattoos, but has J.J. Redick always had that big Virgin Mary (or whatever it is) covering his whole left arm? I seem to remember him having some small amount of tattooage a few years ago, or maybe he didn’t, but I think my brain would definitely have some recollection of that huge thing. DTB’s Final Verdict: J.J. Redick’s tattoo is new. It’s a tat-new, one could even say.

What I think would be cool is if Redick got a full-body tattoo with a rad space theme. Swirling galaxies, alien plants, different-colored stars and suns, nebulas exploding, black holes, all these things and more covering his body and face like the cover of the raddest sci-fi novel ever. The Virgin Mary would have to be incorporated somehow but I’m sure a good artist would be able to turn it into a reptilian or a ruined alien temple or something cool like that. Or it could just be left in place as some kind of commentary about how God is really just a cosmic Overmind that uses atoms as a universe-sized computer to run simulations.

Such a tattoo would transcend the so-called “thuggishness” or “degeneracy” of body art to become something that even old white ladies could approve of.

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