Kent Bazemore Career High 28 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2015)

Highlight making is a weird business.

As I was compiling these highlights, I noticed Gerald Green hitting a jumper in between two Kent Bazemore buckets. Problem was, despite doing a vid of Gerald just before starting this one, I had never seen that particular jumper before! I felt annoyed; reuploading a video to amend an error in compilation is a pain in the ass, as is receiving tons of comments about how they are not “Full Highlights” if I decide not fix it. So I rewatched the Gerald Green video just to make sure. And there it was, right at the end, the jumper I had never seen before.

Which brings up some interesting questions. In the normal course of highlight making I see a clip three times: an initial view, clipping the segment I want, and editing it into the final product. How do I not remember any of that? I swear I had not seen it before.

The only answer is that the highlight-making process is now so automatic for me that I don’t even comprehend what I’m doing. Pretty cool, huh? It’s like I’m in a real-life sci-fi novel. A god-damn robot, created only to satiate the desires of NBA fans around the world.

You’re frickin’ welcome.

Oh yeah, Kent Bazemore had a career high. Too bad I don’t remember any of it.

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