Randy Foye 19 Points Full Highlights (12/15/2015)

Note to self: never get hyped about a performance in progress. EVER.

Randy Foye had 17 points in the second quarter tonight against the Timberwolves. Randy Foye. Seventeen. One quarter. He was telling the his former team “Why did you ever get rid of me I could be your starting shooting guard take a look at this oh wow another three damn the Nuggets really love me I don’t think I want to come back after all see ya.” That’s what he said, he said right to the bench, and as he was saying it, I was getting hyped. 35 was looking like a certainty, maybe even 40.

Then he goes and gets only one more basket the whole rest of the game. And I’m sitting here doing highlights like a chump, because screw you Randy Foye.

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