Andrew Wiggins 23 Points/2 Euro-Steps Full Highlights (12/16/2015)

The Timberwolves just had a game where all four of Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Ricky Rubio, and Zach LaVine had good performances. And yet they still lost. What’s the deal? The Heat won a bunch of chips with a big-three, not even a big-four. The Warriors won the last chip with a big-one-point-five. How are the Timberwolves not succeeding?

Answer number one: there is no answer. The Timberwolves should have at least one chip by now, if not two. They are so far behind in their rebuild schedule that it’s not even funny. I thought about laughing about the whole situation, but I was like “Why? This isn’t even funny. It’s just sad.”

Answer number two: there is still no answer.

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