JaVale McGee 10 Points/5 Dunks/3 Blocks Full Highlights (12/18/2015)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a rejuvenated JaVale McGee up to his old tricks. The NBA just hasn’t been the same without him, and I’m not even talking about all that BS Shaqtin stuff. I’m talking about big blocks and even bigger slam-jams. And, yes, some funny faces thrown in for good measure.

Sadly, Zaza Pachulia seems to have the starting center position locked down for the Mavericks, a position I thought JaVale had secured when he went to Dallas. Can’t have everything, I guess, even if successful Dirk-to-JaVale lobs and unsuccessful JaVale-to-Dirk lobs would have been the most fun thing ever.

Tonight was a perfect microcosm of Java Bean’s game: nothing but dunks, blocks, and goaltends. Enjoy it, and while doing so, remember how dreary the NBA seemed without his enlightening presence, and how much more vibrant it is today.

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