Bobby Portis 20 Points Full Highlights (12/19/2015)

It shouldn’t take the entire rest of the Bulls being tired from a quadruple-overtime game for Bobby Portis to receive playing time. I mean, you’d think at some point during four extra periods of basketball that you could find some time for him, especially when Pau Gasol could barely make it down the court without putting his hands on his knees and gasping for air.

As Stacey King said, free Bobby Portis!

If that means removing whatever minutes Cameron Bairstow is getting, that’s fine. Cristiano Felicio? Just forget about him. Hell, Taj Gibson is already 30, which means he’s ready to fulfill the “vet who never plays” role. Take away some time from Pau Gasol and BAM!, we have like 10 vacant minutes per game that can be fed directly to Bobby and his sick per 36 scoring numbers.


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