Khris Middleton 26 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/20/2015)

It is time for the next installment of my continuing series where I revisit old video descriptions and laugh at how stupid my opinions were! This episode we deal with Khris Middleton, who managed to get a highlight video made of him while he was withering away on the Detroit Pistons:

“Khris “K-Mid” Middleton is so bad that he can’t even get minutes on the not-very-good Pistons. At least that’s how it was up until a few games ago, when they started playing him, presumably to lose more games. Tanking is serious business. You can’t pussyfoot around.”

That paragraph looks pretty stupid in retrospect. It’s obvious now that Khris (whose nickname is no longer K-Mid but Khash Money) was being unfairly restrained by whatever idiot coach was in Detroit at that time (maybe Lawrence Frank? Could be). By the time he arrived in Milwaukee the next year, he was ready to contribute in a meaningful way.

So, DTB will admit that he was wrong on this one, but that his wrongness was understandable given Middleton’s minutes sitch in Detroit. This also seems like a good time to admit that for a while there I would get Khris Middleton and Kim English confused on a regular basis.

Commence your mockery. I can take it.

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