Garrett Temple 20 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2015)

This is the third straight twenty-point game for one Garrett Temple, who, prior to this streak, had never scored twenty points in the NBA except during shootaround. Are we sure that Temple hasn’t stolen the basketball talents of teammate Otto Porter ala the Monstars? Think about it. It makes sense. When was the last time you actually saw Otto Porter? It was probably a week ago at the very least.

How observed events tend to coincide in the most wondrous ways! A week ago is roughly when Garrett Temple abruptly became a way better basketball player than ever before in his life.

Those are the facts.

Right now I wish Temple would give Porter back his basketball skills because, if we’re being honest (which we are), nobody watches Garrett Temple videos even when he scores decent amounts of points. Meanwhile, everybody is falling all over themselves to watch Otto Porter footage because he was a high pick and he’s supposed to be a beast. Too bad we’ll never see Otto Porter on a basketball court ever again.

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