Khris Middleton Career High 36 Points Full Highlights (12/29/2015)

There has never been a more appropriate usage of the nickname “Kha$h Money” than there is right now. Kha$h Money Middleton lived up to all three parts of his nickname last night; he was totally Middleton, totally cash from three, and totally money from anywhere else on the court. There is no part of the nickname which alludes to being able to make good passes, but Kha$h Money did that as well with seven dimes. I didn’t show them in the video because it would make his individual scoring performance seem less SiCK but they were definitely there. How does “Diamond Dimes Middleton” sound? Good? No?

Of course, even with a career-high from Middleton, the Bucks lost, but it was encouraging to see Middleton shoot efficiently from inside the three-point line. He has been lowkey doing a very poor Kobe imitation since the beginning of the season, shooting a lot of difficult post-up turnarounds when he has one or two inches on the guy who’s defending him. He has also shown a propensity for shooting well-defended long twos. I was actually trying to come up with a new nickname for him because I thought that Kha$h Money no longer applied to him. I was thinking “Griddleton” since he sometimes gets hot like a griddle, but that wouldn’t work in a hypothetical scenario where Kha$h Money also doesn’t work.

Usually I’m really good at nicknames but today I’m not really feeling it. I dunno.

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