Will Barton 29 Points Full Highlights (12/29/2015)

I think the YouTubes are leaking into real life.

Check out that the music that the Nuggets arena people are playing at 1:13. You heard right: it’s that overused “epic”/”motivating” music that accompanies approximately half of the videos on YouTube. I don’t feel like figuring out the name of the piece, but it’s recognizable instantly. When I venture forth into real life, the last thing I want is music from the internet being blared at me.

Why are they even playing music in the first place, during a possession of the home team? I don’t get it at all, wouldn’t you want to at least save the distractions for when the visitors have the ball? It didn’t stop Will Barton, because nothing stops Will Barton, but still. Is the crowd not entertained enough by watching the best basketball players in the world ply their trade, and has to be satiated with jiggling booties, free t-shirts, and crappy music?

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