Marco Belinelli 28 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2015)

Watching the Kings makes me sad. It’s like watching those turn-of-the-millennium Bucks teams except instead of Anthony Mason ruining everything it’s Demarcus Cousins, who is way more talented, which makes it worse, and way more of a nut, which makes it way worse. I try not to subject myself to their games too often. Only when I think Seth Curry might get minutes, basically.

I wonder what it’s like for Marco Belinelli, going from the best organization and culture in the league to what could be the worst. Having his team’s leader go from Tim Duncan to DeMarcus Cousins. Can’t be that good, except that he’s getting hella cash. They (who?) say money buys happiness, and I bet it does in this case. Marco can just chillax, hit some jumpers off of screens, and watch the team go up in flames around him.

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