Lavoy Allen 14 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2015)

While making these highlights I was seriously distracted by the wide variety present in Pacers timeout entertainment. The whole process took about five minutes longer than it needed to because I had to:

-Discover the outcome of the baby race (mascot interference ruined it)
-Watch cheerleaders clad in outfits that were barely more than underwear dance around at center court
-Get hyped for a guy given thirty seconds to make a half-court shot that would grant him untold riches
-Get triggered by the kiss cam
-Watch two middle-aged men in giant hamster balls try to navigate around traffic cones while the same mascot from earlier was trying to screw them up

And this is only the stuff I accidentally ran into. I didn’t see every timeout break. Lavoy “My Boy” Allen was basically an afterthought in this whole circus. I’m thinking of starting a highlight channel just for hamster ball races. HamsterBallsToTheWall is a good name, is it not?

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