T.J. Warren Career High 29 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2015)

Does T.J. Warren ever miss? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Take a look at this vid. No misses, except when he gets fouled! Suspicion shrouds these events like a priest enrobed by his vestments.

I did a little bit of digging in the DTB Archivium, looking for clues. And what I find may shock you: in every single video of T.J. contained within my collection, just like tonight, he makes every single shot he attempts, save for when he gets fouled. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. He is a literally unstoppable machine when it comes to scoring the ball, and no one is even noticing.

Well, that ends now. This video will blow the lid off the whole thing, and soon, people will be forced to confront the notion that the best scorer in the league is not Curry, nor Harden, nor Durant, nor any other supposed “Superstar”.

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