Jeff Withey 12 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (1/2/2016)

Is Gordon Hayward even the most attractive player on his own team anymore? He might not be, because newcomer Jeff Withey is in the house and boy are his eyes blue. But Withey is not going to just dance unimpeded to the title of “most attractive Jazzman.” There are a lot obstacles in his way:

-Gordon Hayward, who transformed himself from boy to man just by doing something to his hair and growing some stubble
-Tibor Pleiss, who is sort of gangly but when he fills out will still have a well-defined cheekbone (don’t sleep on his blue eyes either)
-Rudy Gobert is really intense and mysterious looking. Like a stranger who emerges from the whipping sands of the desert to sell you gemstones purported to have mysterious alchemical properties
-Trevor Booker is just a super ripped dude who looks like a football player. A lot of chicks like that look
-Raul Neto. Just kidding. He looks like a twelve year old
-Jeff Withey himself, who is very attractive but also can look like Spencer Hawes in the right (wrong?) light, he loses points for that

As you can see, Withey is going to have to work hard if he wants to make it to the top. His job will be significantly easier if he takes my advice and starts punching out all his teammates.

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