Rodney Hood Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2016)

Right now the Jazz are near the bottom of my “teams I actually want to watch sometimes” rankings. Gobert was their most compelling feature; he is dead now, dead and never coming back just like Dante Exum. Gordon Hayward is “eh”, and if he is your teams best player, you need to find a different team that doesn’t have a white person as its best player. Not being racist; just telling it like it is.

I would reconsider their low ranking if Tibor Pleiss were given 15 minutes per contest along with a green light to chuck as much as he wanted. See: Boban Marjanovic.

Rodney Hood being a legit scorer would also help their cause. He is still young (in terms of NBA seasons played), and exciting. He may not be foreign or white, but that doesn’t mean that the people of Utah can’t get behind him scoring 20 a game. Make that 25. Screw it, 30. 30 points per game for Rodney Hood. Make it happen, Quin. Hell yeah.

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