Jusuf Nurkic 12 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2016)

Attention Bosnian subscribers: Jusuf Nurkic is back! That means you can watch his videos and leave disparaging comments aimed at other Balkan ethnicities without having to invade a Nikola Jokic video to do it. Forget about Bojan and Mirza for now; the real savior of Bosnian ball has returned and he’s ready to trash talk opposing centers until he gets punched. The Nuggets are supposedly going to bring him along slowly but I think he’s ready for 40 MPG right now. Forty minutes is enough time for anybody to put together a highlight-worthy performance.

If you watch this video closely you’ll notice that Joffrey Lauvergne never claps was Nurkic scores. That’s because Lauvergne knows that he’s watching his playing time vanish before his very eyes. That’s fine with me. Between you and me, I think Bosnians are way cooler and more awesome than super stupid French people. And Croatians. And Serbians. Real talk.

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