Lou Williams 30 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2016)

I am forced to reconsider my former position of hating on Lou Williams because of his habit of drawing tons of shooting fouls on jumpers. Why, you ask?

Because it turns out that he shoots his free throws really quickly when he gets there. YES! Watch a game from a couple decades ago, and the players just chuck up their foul shots as soon as they get the ball. None of this “stare at the rim, dribble the ball a gajillion times, stare some more, shoot it, receive high-fives, step back from the line to compose yourself for another couple seconds, and do it all again” crap that happens now. I get that players want any bit of rest that they can get, and so they milk the free throws, but damn. It slows the game way down.

So, props to Lou for expediting the process a little bit. My hate for him is lessened, though he remains an annoying player to watch.

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