Jabari Parker 16 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2016)

It’s time to come clean. I didn’t even watch the entire Bucks game last night. I watched the first half and then decided that I had better things to do than watch the Bulls blow us out. Especially because there were a bunch of Bulls fans in the Bradley Center and I didn’t want to look at them.

Since I am a man capable of owning his mistakes, I did not return to viewing the game even when the Bucks continued to be competitive throughout the second half. I had made my bed and I would lie in it.

It’s not a big deal though because I pretty much got to watch all the good parts when I made Giannis, and now Jabari, highlights. Those are the only two players I really care about anyway, so this is like the best possible outcome for me. From now on, I won’t watch any Bucks games at all, but I’ll make Giannis and Jabari highlights no matter how bad they do.

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