Salah Mejri 17 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (1/13/2016)

Salah Mejri: the next Boban Marjanovic? The similarities are eerie.

-From a country that is not well known to Americans? Check.
-Buried deep on the end of the bench? Check.
-Played in D-League due to bench-buried state? Checkeroo.
-Big? Check.
-Really big? Check.
-Able to deposit the ball into the rim directly, without even really shooting it? Check.
-Has a lot of fans who just want to see him play because he is a novelty? Discount Double-Check.
-Texas? Check.

As I said, eerie! The only difference I can discern between them is that Salah has apparently skipped every leg day over the course of his entire life, while Boban has big meaty calves that can destroy entire worlds.

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