Marcus Smart Triple Double 10 pts/11 asts/11 rebs Full Highlights (1/15/2015)

If Marcus Smart was LeBron James or Russell Westbrook, the NBA would take a look at this triple-double. But he isn’t, and they won’t, so it’s all good.

All the assists are, at least, instances where he passed the ball (unlike that Giannis trip-dub). There was an offensive rebound that was kind of iffy, where, without much intent or purpose, he wildly tapped a missed shot straight up into the air where it was collected by Kelly Olynyk. I seem to remember Westbrook having a trippy doobie taken away on such a play; in this case, Marcus sensed the danger and managed to grab an extra rebound to ensure his achievement.

So, as I said, all good. Marcus’ triple-double is legit and will remain in the recordbooks forever, right next to Raymond Felton’s. It’s not a particularly good one, by Westbrook standards, as he barely cleared the bar in all three categories, but he gets some extra points for playing good defense as well. If there was a stat for “intensity”, he’d def have a quadruple-double. And if there was another stat for “zits on face”, he’d have a quintuple-double!

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