Devin Booker 32 Points Full Highlights (1/19/2016)

I’m kind of disappointed in Eddie Johnson’s commentary tonight. For those unaware, Eddie Johnson is the color commentator for the Phoenix Suns, who also has the side hustle of maintaining the upkeep of Devin Booker’s nutsack by cleaning it with his tongue.

I mean, he’s been seriously hyping the Booker Report as often and as earnestly as he can during broadcasts. Stuff like “When he gets hot, he is unstoppable. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will.” That’s just one example. There are tons, but I’m too lazy to find them right now. Rest assured that he straight up man-loves the rookie. Any Suns fan can attest to this.

Now Booker, surprisingly early in his career, has had a great game. The kind of game to get everyone super hyped. And while Eddie doesn’t seem SAD, he certainly doesn’t seem all that excited. Not nearly as he excited as his previous commentary would indicate he should be. He does say some stuff about him being on fire, and how the Suns should just let him shoot it every time, but when he reaches and then surpasses his career high, it goes by with nary a mention.

Maybe he built this moment up in his head so much, that when it finally came, he realized it wasn’t all that monumental, didn’t know how to react, and opted for silence as he reconciled his conflicting emotions.

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