Brandon Bass 18 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (1/20/2016)

In the course of making my Dunks of the Month videos, I see a lot of dunks, and I get a pretty good sense of which players are liable to throw down monster whaps and which ones will do nothing but catch passes under the basket and go straight up with no power. Brandon Bass unquestionably falls into the latter category. So when it came time to make this highlight video, I was thinking “if there are any dunks in this video they’re all going to suck.”

I was four-fifths correct. Four of the dunks in this video are super lame. However, there is one in this video that actually arouses in my loins some feelings of excitement. The Basshole basically (bassically?) takes Kosta Koufos off the dribble and pokes it on him. I’m pretty sure this is the first dunk Bass has executed this year where he wasn’t standing stationary when he caught the ball and then dunked without dribbling. So that’s progress! I think.

However, the fact still remains that the Basshole is the second-least-exciting dunker in the NBA after Omer Asik. I wish he (Bass, not Asik) would go back to just shooting sixteen-footers all day like he did with the Celtics.

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