Jahlil Okafor 20 Points Full Highlights (1/20/2016)

There was a big kerfuffle a while back about baseball games being way too long with all the standing around waiting for pitches, hell, maybe it’s still going on, how the hell am I supposed to know, what, do I look like DownToBrewer to you? But yeah. When people start complaining that baseball, traditionally the most interminable of all sports, is moving too slowly, you know that the public’s viewing interests are changing.

They are still content to watch 11 minutes of actual NFL action over the course of several hours, though. No problems there.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, is that Jahlil Okafor takes WAY too long at the free throw line before finally shooting the damn thing. There are other players who are the same way, and the league as a whole loves to dilly-dally there while everyone catches their breath. And I don’t like it. I bet you could cut 10 minutes off a game just by calling techs on everyone who delays even a little bit.

Sorry Jahlil. You can’t just stand there, staring at the rim like a dope, holding the ball motionless in front of you for 6 seconds anymore.

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