Myles Turner 31 Points Full Highlights (1/22/2016)

Was the 2015 draft absolutely the sickest in terms of big man talent or what? Over the last three games Myles Turner has looked like a total stud sandwich with a mondo side helping of stud french fries, but he’s not the only big dude who’s storming the NBA like Vikings storming Anglia in the eighth century:

-Karl-Anthony Towns: already better than Wiggins
-Jahlil Okafor: making Embiid obsolete before he even steps on the floor
-Kristaps Porzingis: just had a poor 4-17 shooting night but is still really tall
-Willie Cauley-Stein: has played more defense in 28 games than Cousins has played in his whole life
-Frank Kaminsky: t-rex arms don’t stop him from canning threes
-Trey Lyles: coming to life after looking like a tweener bust. But is he even a big man? What is the true nature of bigness?

Meanwhile in the previous draft we only got Embiid and Nurkic. That sucks. Wow. Myles Turner looks at that draft and giggles.

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